GT3Cup Experience 

Become a race driver for a day! If you want to test a real racing Porsche on the track, equipped with slick tyres, sequential gearbox at the wheel and without any stability control.... the GT3Cup is the right car. 500 hp for 1150 kg, lap times and road holding unimaginable for a road car. The PS-Performance Staff will support you in everything: from the correct position of the seat, they will equip you with a helmet, fireproof overalls and you will always be followed by a qualified instructor both by your side in the car with radio intercom and after driving. The car is equipped with AIM Smartycam video telemetry and at the end of the course you will be given a USB stick with the video of your laps on the track. The instructor himself, for several rounds on the track, will analyze the telemetry with you, explaining the points where you can improve in the following rounds.

Helmet cam in Adria Speedway

a lap on the track in Adria by one of our drivers with our Porsche Cup