Porsche Club GT 2020


Five plus one scheduled appointments !

The second edition of the Porsche Club GT starts in April, organized by the Porsche Club Umbria for lovers of the fastest lap. 

Porsche Club GT 2022


 April 1/2 - MONZA 

April 29/30 - VALLELUNGA

 July 1/2 - IMOLA

15/16 July - MISANO

9/10 September - MUGELLO

11/12 November - Porsche Club GT Festival MISANO

 Porsche Club GT 2022 weekend format 

 5 rounds of 25 minutes each (generally 2 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday depending on the programs of the various weekends on the calendar);- The first session is for free practice;- The second session is for qualifying;- The remaining 3 sessions are for competition;-

For each category, the race time of each driver will be determined by adding the two best times obtained in the three rounds of the race (considering only the best time obtained in each session of the race, thus discarding one, the slowest); 

For the purposes of the final championship standings, for the individual ranking the worst will not be considered r result (which will therefore be "discarded") among all those obtained in the seasonal rounds 

 if all 6 events of the 2022 championship have been participated in. - In addition to the points foreseen according to the order of arrival of the first 10, in each category a further score will reward the fastest lap ever. PS- Performance makes the 911 Gt3 Cups (991 4.0 and 992) available with an instructor and track assistance for the Porsche Club GT championship.