“Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting.”

Porsche 911 Gt3 Cup

The single-seated, Porsche GT3 Cup race vehicle delivers its power to the rear axle via a race clutch and a Porsche Motorsport designed six-speed dog-type gearbox with a mechanical limited slip differential. For the first time in a Porsche Cup race- car, gear shifting is performed with paddle shifts on the steering wheel.

The newly engineered racing brake system improves the endurance qualities. The internally vented and slotted steel brake discs with a 38-centimetre diameter are operated by aluminum six-piston monobloc racing callipers in the front, and four-piston units at the rear.

Driver safety is our top priority. Our engineers redesigned the safety cage and race seat, specifically molded around the head and shoulders and individually adjustable with the help of a padding system. A driver hatch in the roof provides easy access for primary medical attention and the extraction of the driver.

With its smart aluminum-steel composite construction and weighing in at 1,175 kilograms, it handles with greater agility.

Concept Engine


– Single-seater production-based race car – Base model: 911

– Water-cooled flat six cylinder (boxer) engine, displacement 3,797 cm3 – Max. power: 338 kW (460 hp)
– Maximum rpm: 8,500
– Racing exhaust system

– Weight-optimised bodyshell in aluminium and steel
– Welded-in roll cage
– Two-mount rescue device
– Aerodynamically optimised panels on front and rear end in polyurethane (PU) – Doors, rear lid and rear wings in carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) – 100-litre FT3 safety fuel tank

– 3 piston pneumatic lifting system
– Adjustable safety seat, meets latest FIA requirements – Rescue hatch in the roof


Brake system Front axle Rear axle

Wheels/tyres Front axle Rear axle

Electrical system


– High performance racing shock absorbers
– Double-blade-type anti-roll bar
– Transverse links with double-shear joints
– All control arms mounted on uniball bearings
– One-piece wheel hubs including central locking device

– Newly developed racing brake system suitable for endurance motorsport – Steel brake discs, internally cooled, six-piston monobloc/380 x 32 mm – Steel brake discs, internally cooled, four-piston monobloc/380 x 30 mm

– Aluminium wheels, one-piece 10.5 ̋ x 18 ̋, 27/65-18 tyres – Aluminium wheels, one-piece 12 ̋ x 18 ̋, 31/71-18 tyres

– Battery 12 V, 70 Ah, AGM (leak-proof), in passenger footwell

– 1,175 kg